Anonymous: i would say cheerleading is difficult. but it's not a sport. it's FOR a sport. difficult but not a sport by any means..


not all cheerleading is FOR a sport…..all star cheerleaders don’t cheer for any sport…and high school teams normally cheer for a sport but that’s not all they do

the definition of a sport in is “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature”

cheerleading fits into this definition so please tell me how it is not a sport. 

Cheerleading requires skill and it definitely requires physical prowess and it most definitely is competitive.

All Star Cheerleading is only competing they do not cheer for any sport and in April they battle at Worlds, the biggest competition all year round, to see who is the best in the world. Teams come from EVERYWHERE to see who is the best in their sport.

All stars aren’t the only ones that compete though. Pop warner teams high school teams and college teams also compete. 

I would really like to hear some reasoning as to why cheerleading is not a sport. It fits the definition, does it not?

Maybe you should do some research before you come to my ask box and say something that is not true and behind a gray face nonetheless.

i would just like the let you know that i tried very hard not to flip out at you for this because you did give cheerleading credit in the fact that you said that it is difficult however it really pisses me off how people cannot just accept cheerleading as a sport. It evens involves aspects of other sports in it….



You know what my pet peeve is? When all star cheerleaders look down upon high school cheerleaders…… Just because we arent in an actual cheer gym everyday doesn’t mean we don’t work just as hard when we compete. My team won nationals….. I don’t understand. We’re all one sport.

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And the award for cutest dance goes to…..

awe that was insanely cute


that was adorable and a good routine…HS cheer is finally starting to impress me again

Awww so cute:’))

That was well put together. So uniformed.

That was so clean, I love it!

When did this get 1,000 notes though

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